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HELP ! Losing coolant, but no leaks? - Maintenance/Repairs

Hey Guys, its been a long time. I am currently driving a 98 Buick with the 3.8 V6 and 120,000 on the clock. The car runs 100%, and its paid for 🙂 My problem is I seem to be losing coolant, at the rate of about the entire overflow in 2 weeks (I only drive on avg 15-20 miles a day). The problem is I have no leaks. I even went so far as to pull the spark plugs and they all looked good (none of

Fix Hose Leaks 2004-2010 Toyota Sienna - 2008 Toyota

The video above shows to fix minor leaks in the coolant hoses in your 2008 Toyota Sienna. The hoses carry engine coolant (which is also known as antifreeze or anti-freeze) through your engine and will eventually wear out. You can avoid getting stranded by identifying signs of extreme wear before they break and fixing minor leaks promptly.

Steam coming from Upper Radiator Hose | V6 Mustang Forums

Jul 13, 2007· I have a ''94, 163K. After turning the car off, I hear the steam coming out of the hood around the radiator. After investigating and getting some advice from the guys at the auto parts store, it appears I just need to change the upper radiator hose. The attached picture shows where the leak is …

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Water leaks from the washer are almost always related to controllable circumstances that are easily remedied. In this guide we will focus on inspecting the supply hoses, connections and door seal, detergent usage and residue build up, drain hose condition, and leveling the washer. The first step to solving for leaks is always finding the source.

Diagnosing car engine overheating and antifreeze leaks

A hose leak doesn''t indie anything bad in most case, it''s simply a worn out hose, and replacing and properly refilling the system should clear up any overheating symptoms. If the leak is coming from the end of the hose, beyond the clamp loion, try tightening the clamp before you do anything else.

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Looking for KRYLON Leak Sealant, 12 oz. Net Weight, Black (38EP61)? Grainger''s got your back. Price $14.45. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done …

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Each assely comes standard with one swivel end and one solid end protected by bend restrictors. All hoses feature a 4" pigtail on one end and a 20" on the other. Rated to 140 psi. 1/4" hoses feature 1/4" MPT fittings. 3/8" ID hoses feature 3/8" MPT fittings. Replacement fittings are also available. Temperature Range is -68° F. to 140° F.

Air Compressor Oil Leak Problems! – Resolved and Explained

Jul 26, 2019· Oil will leak from there if the oil cannot properly flow through the filter or the oil chaer. From Piston Chaer. Most of the oil you apply go to the piston as the piston needs to be as lubried as possible to make the air compressor run smoothly. But sometimes if there is a hole at any point on the piston chaer, then the oil gets leaked

Routing LT1 coolant/steam lines from back of heads?

Sep 26, 2008· Then run a 3/8" hose to the steam line from the back of the heads (bypass the TB of course). That is exactly what I had decided too. I already was bypassing the TB by using a steam line from a 93 F''. It goes strait to the radiator. I too decided on the drivers side of the water pump, in the housing right at the fitting for the hose that

How Can I Tell If My Radiator Is Leaking? | News | Cars

Jul 20, 2016· If you can’t find a leak, have it checked by a mechanic. Coolant has a way of escaping only under pressure when the car is running — possibly in the form of steam, which may not leave a trace.

I Have a Hoover Steam Vac Ultra and it is leaking by the

Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! I have a Hoover Steam Vac Ultra with 5 rotating brushes. Mobel # F5881-900. When you put the water and soap in it instantly leaks by the brushes. Is their a seal their or a broken hose. I can''t see how to get the housing off to check this. Any suggestions and how does the housing come off to look at the problem.

Calculator: Steam Flow Rate through Piping | TLV. TLV ToolBox - Mobile App for Steam …

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A sprayable sealer that forms a durable rubber barrier that stop leaks in minutes. The wicking action seals hard-to-reach leaks without the need for disasseling or removing parts. Designed specifically to target low pressure leaks in hoses, oil pans, differentials, transmission pans, fluid

General Overheating hissing noise coming from the front

May 17, 2013· If you heard steam coming out you have a leak. You probably overheated because the coolant level got low. You must find and fix all of the leaks. If the hoses are old they should all be replaced along with the radiator if it is original and has the plastic tanks. David Teitelbaum 05-17

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Jan 11, 2016· The radiator hose may be to blame because they crack and leak over the years from the high heat and pressure they are exposed to. The radiator hose is the most common cause for overheating. If the engine is allowed to continue to overheat, it may cause the engine to fail and the vehicle will no longer operate.

How to Repair Seam Leaks in a Radiator | It Still Runs

Observe the radiator for spewing, dripping or seeping coolant and the loion of leaks. Clear any debris from the radiator''s surface with a water hose or pressurized air hose. Dirt and leaves may have attached themselves to the radiator, obscuring the leak, but the size and loion of the seam leak will determine the difficulty of the repair.

Leaking | How to Videos | PowerFresh® Lift-Off® Steam Mop

If your PowerFresh® Lift-Off® Steam Mop seems to be leaking or is leaving too much water on the floor you may have set your unit to a steam setting that is more than you need or you could be going over the same spot for too long: It may appear to be leaking, but it may just be soaked from using too high of a steam …


Leaks and failures are very dangerous. If a hose does become kinked, untwist it to remove the kinks. When you are done with the cleaning job, roll or coil the hose and put it away. Never leave it where it could be run over or otherwise damaged. Uncontrolled Hose - Be cautious around a steam hose that has been allowed to cool. Water may have

Common Pressure-Washer Parts To Fix "Leaks Water"

Over time, this coupling (and the seal inside of it) can wear or break. If your power washer leaks water from the connection between the hose and inlet, the seal and possibly the coupling on the inlet are likely broken and will need to be replaced. This seal and coupling should be fairly easy to remove and replace.

How to Find Leaks in Your Vehicle''s Cooling System - dummies

If it’s a radiator hose, the resulting shower of steam is frightening at best and dangerous at worst. If a vacuum hose goes, the sudden loss of vacuum can stop your vehicle in the midst of traffic. Checking your hoses and replacing the funky ones before they leak …

How to Fix a Leak With Epoxy Putty | Hunker

If need to fix a leak quickly in a pluing line, you can use epoxy putty. It is a handy way to repair pipes and fittings instead of cutting out the leaking pipe and soldering in a new fitting. It is simple to use and virtually anyone with even limited do it yourself experience will be able to use epoxy putty to stop a leak.

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Leaks from the safety air vent on the back of the washer occur when detergent residue has built up in the tub and/or your clothes. If water or suds is seen leaking from the safety air vent loed on the back of the washer shown here, or if large amounts of suds are visible in the tub during the wash cycle, follow these next steps to properly