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Apex Info Consultancy is a "Placement Consulting – Company", engaged into Short – listing, Selecting & Positioning the candidates into client companies to ensure that the delivery of the profitable propositions for the client companies is achieved as per their workforce requirements.

Apex Info Consultancy provides placement services for companies (Small, Medium, Large & MNC's) & looks at long term association with them.

We believe that today's highly competitive & quality conscious business requirements have created a need to recruit manpower synchronizing with the actual business needs.

This has given rise to the ever increasing importance of inculcating various attributes like knowledge, skills & attitudes with the personality of the staff recruited.

We engage into the following three step process in helping client companies get their staffing requirements satisfied.

Step I

Scanning the employment market & creating a repository of candidates & segregate them into the classes of Junior Management, Middle Management & Senior Management, depending upon the calibre of the candidate.

Step II

Assessing the Staffing Requirement of the client through continuous interactions.

Step III

Fulfilling the Staffing Requirement for the client company by selecting the candidate & ascertaining the job – fit as per the role requirement.

Advantages of our services to the Employers

We adhere to our SLA (Service Level Agreement) & our Business Ethics is our first priority. The SLA's shall be signed from both the sides for smooth execution of our Professional Understandings.

Our diverse team strengths due to vast experience in industry will ensure that the complete Recruitment - Cycle is taken care of.

Our diverse team skills will serve as a good strength to help you in the entire Recruitment - Cycle.

We take up responsibility for providing with a single-point-of-contact. This will avoid any confusions & ensure satisfaction with respect to all the processes of the Recruitment - Cycle

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